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Did your water heater go out? Don't get stuck taking cold showers-reach out to the pros at Estes Pro Plumbing, Inc today. We offer unmatched water heater repair services in Lawrenceville, GA and the surrounding area. Whether you need a quick fix or significant repairs, you can depend on us to do the job right. We'll make sure hot water is restored to your home as quickly as possible.

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Details about our plumbing remodeling services

Ready to get started on your bathroom or kitchen remodel? Make sure Estes Pro Plumbing is a part of your team. During your remodel, our Lawrenceville, GA plumber can assist with:

  • Plumbing fixture and appliance installation
  • Plumbing layout changes and system upgrades
  • Plumbing additions and system repairs

Don't put off your appliance installation or plumbing remodeling project any longer. Contact Estes Pro Plumbing today to get started.